Payment units series 900


Feeder module 900-F

Ticket feed from a roll or fanfold

Horizontal or vertical versions more


Reader/Writer module 900-C

Reads and writes up to 4 tracks of tickets and/or plastic cards

Variable track position (e.g. 3 track ISO, middle track) more


Printer module

Tickets werden als Quittung bedruckt. more


Park module 900-S

Can park up to 2 cards or tickets

Return or retention of parked cards or tickets more


Validation module 900-V

Mechanical ticket validation using toothed wheels

Option of mechanically validating several tracks simultaneously more


Chip module CHP 900

Contact position complies with ISO 8

Extremely durable contact system which can be lowered by motor more


Card Introduction and shutter 900-B

The front face provides access to our devices. It must be robust and functional. more