Company & History

Small products with a big effect

40 years of progress, made in Germany

ddm hopt + schuler has playes a decisive role in the development of card reading devices and switches as well as in their increasing miniaturisation. After all, we are very big in small things.


Let us take a look back:

The Mercedes-Benz C111 was the first car to be developed completely on a computer. At that time, computers still operated with punch cards and were equipped with ddm hopt + schuler punch card readers. So we played a significant role in the success of this historic project. We recognised the potential of this technology and have been unwavering in the development of card reading devices.

The result:

Today we are the leading innovator. The proof is in the numerous patents for our cutting-edge solutions in all areas of technical life. Our standard modules are designed so that with just a few modifications they can be quickly adapted to meet your individual requirements.



Global player from Baden-Württemberg

As an internationally successful electronics specialist, we chose our location in Rottweil on the edge of the Black Forest very carefully. After all, the basis for reliable electronics has always been precision engineering which has a very long tradition in the south of Baden-Württemberg. Here we have all the right suppliers on our doorstep: form tool production through to semi-finished products and electroplating alll the way on to electronics, electromechanics and mechatronics. And the people here have the right attitude too.