U for us

Working together for your sucess


Here at ddm hopt+schuler our most highly prized company values can not be expressed in figures.

Focus on quality, a love of detail and creative curiosity are the founding principles of ddm hopt+schuler. All of them implemented with swabian attention to detail an a healthy team spirit.

ddm hopt+schuler has been awarded the "TOP JOB" award four times in a row and can therefore count itself amongst the 100 most attractive medium-sized employers in Germany. We are a family owned and run company with over 40 years of history behind us. Flat hierarchies, flexible team structures and clear agreed goals are the key to our success. They make it possible for each and every one of our employees to carry out their tasks as effectively as possible and visibly contribute to the success of the company. As a result, behind every product, every patent and every innovation created here are professional and highly motivated people.



We don´t do things by halves

The Swabian region of Germany is known for diligence and precision, something which characterises our production centre in Rottweil, 100 km south-west of Stuttgart. This applies to our own employees as well as to those of our suppliers and partners. Countless companies from the electronics and mechanical engineering sectors have given rise to a unique culture of creative innovators, thinkers and lateral thinkers. A problem is only considered as solved here once the best solution has been found.

An that is precisely our philosophy.