M for Manufacturer

Focus on perfection

ddm hopt + schuler stands for the highest level of reliability. From one-off items to runs of millions.

We successfully complete a huge variety of production quanities and jobs for our customers on a daliy basis. Our quality principle however is always the same: any error in the manufacture of our products is an error too many. And the same applies to the way do business.

Efficient production

We owe our high degree of flexibility to the right combination of automation and human expertise. All production and inspection processes are managed by small, effective teams in a self-reliant manner. This enables us both to produce prototypes and very small production runs quickly and efficently as well as to achieve first-class productivity in large batch production.



Effective quality control

Every product undergoes a strict final inspection before leaving our premises. In order to rule out potential errors in advance we have also documented our entire process chain including all responsible persons in a certified quality management system which complies with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. A standard which we vastly exceed in practice.