D for Designer

Solutions in the blink of an eye  

Our products are as individual as your requirements. As standard.

ddm hopt + schuler has been a development partner to a number of industry leaders for many years and can provide you with individual and innovative solutions. At the same time, we make sure that the process is cost efficient - from idea all the way through to realisation.

Custom-made collection for the highest level of functionality

Adaptability is the key. Many of our products are designed so that with just a few well-chosen modifications they can be quickly configured to meet your requirements. For example, our rotary pulse encoder 427: starting with our existing standard module, you define the axis and torque required. Since the axis can also be manually retrofitted, it can be adapted as required. It is a genuine "made-to-measure" solution.


The most economically efficient route

The latest technologies such as rapid prototyping enable us to take core development steps for new products as weel as make adjustments to existing products as needed, all within a few days. The developers at ddm hopt + schuler do not compromise, however. Each adaptation for our customers is carried out with the same care given to the design of a completely new product. And each new development in turn forms the basis for new, economically advantgeous soltuions.