D for Developer

Visions to grab hold of

Cutting edge technologies are our passion. It is not only our customers who profit from this.

For some companies, technological development is no more than one strategic task among many. For ddm hopt+schuler it is a way of life - one reason why we are always ahead of the rest.


Ideas are the best raw materials

Cutting-edge developments do not just happen by accident. On the one hand we have the suggestions and requirements of our customers which lead us to seek new approaches to solutions or improved processes. On the other hand it is our own ambition which drives us on to new developments. In both cases we make good use of our wealth of experience an ideas. This leads to the most innovative technologies, and not only in our core fields of production an development. We have even put a lot of thought into the energy supply for our factory premises. Our mix of groundwater, combined heat and power and photovoltaic electricity saves resources and makes us autonomous in terms of energy - as well as one of the forerunners in environmental matters.


A barely visible advantage

The central challenges in the continuing development of our readers and switches are increasing functional diversity and miniaturisation. We respond to these challenges with solutions which are both technically and visually elegant. Cutting-edge technology with contemporary, functional design - the unmistakable mark of ddm hopt+schuler.